My latest disabled aid designed to help the elderly and disabled fasten buttons.

Bill Austin discussed an idea of his for a button fastening aid he had designed because of his Arthritis, he was also late for meetings because it took so long for him to fasten shirt buttons.

The idea he demonstrated had been done and I had also seen one that was a thick rod with a loop at one end and a hook at the other for zips, neither impressed me but it got me thinking. The result was the BILLIAN button-aid™, I designed it to fit key-rings etc. so that it could be given as a promotional gift or used by charities to raise funds. The prototypes were well received and I am trying to finance the first batch of the components I need to get it to market.

The name was because Bill got me thinking about the problem and I came up with the final solution, like The Plugster™ it could help 20 million people in the UK and I am surprised by the number of conditions that affect the grip. Arthritis, strokes, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. I was also told that whilst undergoing chemotherapy some patients can suffer weakness, grip problems and loss of sensation in the finger tips making fastening buttons very difficult.