The Plugster®

The Plugster® is a low cost promotional product that has been given by the fire brigade, Councils, the NHS, the police, housing associations, electricians, hotels, Arthritis Care, Age Concern, building companies etc.

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Councils have used The Plugster® to promote energy efficiency with it being used to label the appliances that can be unplugged safely, The Plugster® is also being used by Morgan Stanley in their UK buildings to label every appliance at the plug, this helps not only in identification of the correct plug but also with the removal of the plug, if you have a multiple socket extension try gripping a central plug with fingers either side.

The latest use of The Plugster® has been by Fall Prevention Teams who use it to help reduce falls involving the elderly, when gripping and pulling a plug the balance is affected and if their grip fails then the result can be a fall, if it helps reduce the number of falls that involve the elderly then it could in turn help save the NHS money.

The Plugster® has been tested by Bureau Veritas to ensure it is safe to use, one issue that was important was to ensure that it affected the pin length by less than 0.8mm, this is because British Standards have a minimum and maximum length of each pin. The difference is only 1mm so most manufacturers make the pin length slightly under the maximum, this is because it is easier to remove material from any that go over the maximum, as a result most are 0.8mm over the minimum length as The Plugster® only affects the pin by 0.48mm it won't affect British Standards.

Some of the aids I had researched were just over 1mm thick and they would adversely affect British Standards.

Simply wrap a Plugster® around your plug and it'll give you a handle that's easier to tug.

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 Plugster Prices 2016 Leaflet