Please submit problems you struggle with or know about.

If you struggle with a task because of a disability or you are just getting older contact me and I will think about it, at meetings of Ideas North West we have talks from inventors about problems they are trying to solve and quite often it inspires me to come up with an alternative solution. The Billian Button-Aid was one idea that I came up with after Bill Austin discussed his problems and his solution, my idea had a new function and I hope it can be sold as a promotional gift to companies who want to help vulnerable people. There is another version of the Billian Button-Aid that is better that I'd like to develop one day.

So if you struggle with a task and would like it making easier you can tell me about it, if I can find a way of solving it then I may find a way to get it to market. I am not looking for solutions to steal just the problem that you or your relatives struggle with, if you or a relative have a task you struggle with tell me and I will put the grey cells to work.

Send a description of the problem and how it affects the user to me at: