links to other inventors and their websites

Over the years I have met many inventors and been impressed by many of their Inventions.

Bill Austin is a Blackburn poet and inventor that I have been trying to help, he showed me an idea that we developed into the Billian™ button aid. As well as his inventions I love his poetry and have been trying to help him get published, getting help or grants proved extremely difficult so I have explored alternate routes to market. We have recorded a CD that we will release soon with help from Twin Valley Homes, the hope is to publish a collection of books one day, take a look at Bills webisite where we will have some of his poems and aim to get some recordings.

Oliver has some really exciting ideas that could help the whole planet and his website is well worth a visit, I have been in his car and the system really works so take a look at the waterboost website.

Derek Roberts has an invention that is of use to the NHS and residential homes, it could be used in homes and is getting interest from some catalogue companies. Visit the Bin Caddy website.

Karl Dorn won the on-line competition of Vodaphones The Big Idea with his Standby Plug, this unfortunately meant he was not allowed onto Dragons Den but the idea they wanted to back did not withstand due diligence, Karls has been patent granted so it's probably another great idea the Dragons have missed out on. You can visit Karl's website and purchase his Standby Plug.

Steve Catterall has invented the only non-trip safety gate for stairs, it's the best designed safety gate for stairs that I have seen. The design is simple to fit and simple to operate, have a look at and judge for yourself. It is the only purpose made pressure fit gate specially designed for stairs with no trip hazard, check out the independent you tube footage below.