Professional help at low cost

Patently Creative contacted me and my initial thought was it was another invention promotion company, but after a chat with Brian Wybrow I soon realised just how wrong I was and just how useful Patently Creative might be.

Dr Wybrow is a Chartered Chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council, he also has considerable experience in research and development in industry.

As a qualified scientist/engineer, patent consultant, and professional inventor/innovator he provides the preliminary commercial appraisal of the idea or invention. He can then prepare and file patent applications as well as carrying out product design, development and prototyping, he also liaises with industry.  He has worked for many years in a research and development environment as a senior scientist/engineer, and can apply his mind to any situation presented to him.  He has worked on a large number of inventions for inventors and has a number of patented inventions in his name.

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