Recommended sites to visit.

Getting my ideas to market has brought me into contact with other businesses, find below links to a range of websites that you might find interesting.

The Austin Stair aid is being taken to market by Engineered Mobility Ltd, it was invented by Bill Austin to help his wife use stairs safely and could help reduce falls on stairs. The Website for Engineered mobility is here 

Wizards Keep is a site where Tim Perkins sells his artwork to collectors, he has worked for Marvel, Hot Wheels, Transformers and is currently creating his own graphic novel called Worlds End. The site is well worth a visit.

Lazarus Mobility is a site where elderly and disabled can buy disabled equipment, the business was set up by Stephen Collins who has used his experience of disability to offer a better service. Stephen has tried many of the products he offers on the site and has a better understanding of his customers needs, my contact with Stephen came about when he used The Plugster™ to promote his business.

Luxury Without Limits is a site that helps organise holidays for disabled travelers, the business is run by Lady Beth Dale.