My inventions and intentions

My name is Ian and I have used my chronic illness to inspire ideas for products for elderly and disabled people, my chronic illness is due to delays in treating a problem that was diagnosed over thirteen years ago.

The UK has over 20 million elderly and disabled people and if my inventions help just a few then I will be happy, vulnerable people seem to be let down by the Government and my priority is to develop my inventions that are of most use to them first.

The Plugster® was designed because my health affected my grip, I suddenly became aware of how difficult the moulded electrical plug is to remove from it's socket. Looking at the disabled aids that are available and seeing how their design created some problems I started to think about how I would solve the issues, the price was an issue and the manufacturing process created weaknesses in the product. The solution was a material that is thin, strong and is easy to print or write on, because this allowed faster easier production the costs were lower than the solutions I had seen. Then I realised that it could be used as a promotional gift by any business that wants to show it considers the needs of their vulnerable customers.


The fire brigade have been using The Plugster® to promote electrical safety in vulnerable homes for several years, it is used to help elderly and disabled identify and remove electrical plugs. Their reason for using it is because appliances left plugged in are a potential fire hazard, also most fire brigade websites mention that if a person struggles with pulling a plug from its socket then they sometimes work the plug loose by pulling on the flex, this can damage the flex or plug and create another potential fire hazard.

The other product I am getting to market was designed after a fellow inventor Bill Austin showed his solution to a problem at an inventor meeting, having seen the solution was already being sold I thought of a different design that had a function, this I decided could be used with key-rings to create another promotional product. My present aim is to get the metal components made in volume and either sell it direct to customers or offer it as a promotional product to businesses, again my main hope is that they will be given as part of a promotion or used by a charity to raise funds.

Me and Mayor Yusuf Jan-Virmani 2006

When I invent new products, apply for patents and manufacture samples I will offer them via the mailing list to anyone who has registered. I hope to offer the ideas that are being sold as promotional gifts direct to end-users, this is because there are people that will find them useful that may not be in an area where they are being given.

Any business interested in using my inventions for promotional activities can contact me via the website and I will help promote their use of them, hopefully I will create a news page that will inform visitors who are giving my inventions and what conditions apply. If any businesses are interested in sponsoring any of my inventions so that I can offer them at a reduced cost or for free please get in touch via the contact page.